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What’s new …

Welcome to ModernNomads. (1) Dagmar Jordan // new projects : VideoPortrait for Raphaela Stammeier (2)  Ed Miles hast finished translating the following projects for AmazonCrossing: While the World Is Still Asleep. Written by: Petra Durst-Benning. Translated by: Edwin Miles The Champagen Queen. Written by: Petra Durst-Benning. Translated by: Edwin Miles The Girl at Rosewood Hall. Written by:  Annis Bell. Translated by: Edwin Miles The Black […]

A Picture Book Film

With illustrations from a picture book, the story about a boy with hempohilia comes to life in a moving, nearly 15-minute film. Beautiful music and sound effects make the story even more compelling.
Animation: Dagmar Jordan, Illustration: Anna-Karina Birkenstock, Sound Design: Rainer Janster, Agency: Goerke PR, Client: Bayer. More on the Bayer/FaktorIII website (German).

A tech product not only for nerds

A charming story about saving time for more important things in life than attaching angle fasteners or: a tech product explained for everyone. Without reading the manual.

VideoPortrait, get to know even more doctors

Our second VideoPortrait (VP) for And the best way to introduce yourself in person, even before your first meeting.

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