About the VideoPortrait

People matter. They always have and they always will.

Why does a new visitor click on the ‘about us’ page? Because they want to meet the people who are behind it …

We have produced a series of VideoPortraits, short¬†Welcome Videos for the homepage. And we are convinced: give away just a little bit more about yourself, allow a look behind the scenes or tell us a little bit about your work, your motivation or whatever drives you, and you will be rewarded with genuine interest, recognition and potentially the next job …

It is not about turning you into an actor, but about authenticity, geniune openness, a sense of trust. And it is actually easy to get there by means of a VideoPortrait:

What is a Video Portrait? 
A Video Portrait is an 2-3 minute film about a person or a small group of people to show who and what they are and what they are not in a way that is honest and authentic.

The idea is that the PERSON is the distinctive and unmistakable asset of our film, and that the viewer feels like he’s met you. A Video Portrait is not a commercial or a company image film, no big budgets, but rather a very structured and straightforward message we are sending out to make sure you and your company stand out from the crowd!

Why do we specialize in Video Portraits?
It takes two things: 1st: the ability to work with any person, man, woman, lay person, executive, young or old in a way that they feel comfortable in front of the camera. 2nd: you need the resources. The technical side, meaning the equipment for production and post-production, the studio, the expertise to take good shots, to know which shots are needed and which ones are not. We have both.

Take a look behind the scenes here:

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