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Facts about online video

Es gibt immer mehr Internetnutzer, die Online-Videos von Ihrem Smartphone, ihrem Tablet oder von zu Hause aus schauen.

The Octocopter’s aerial angles …

Sometimes things are best viewed from high up in the air. Other times, the only way to get close to what’s going on is from overhead. These days, Micro Copters are all the rage. On a beautiful summer day last year we used this wonderful ‘drone’ with a Canon 5D mounted underneath for those images […]

11:53 pm , April 18, 2012 Comments Off on The Octocopter’s aerial angles …

OEV Web Intro

Online Dienste e.V. (OEV) just re-launched their website Website production and maintenance is, as always, about people! ModernNomads have produced this 56 sec. intro using mostly stock footage, some studio shooting, animated still images and graphics. Our services include music research, sound recording, voice directing and editing with our partners at Janster Music. OEV […]

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