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Client: TranslateMedia, Project: Translation & Rewriting , Poem: Ode to the Doves // Area: Poetry , Date: Mar, 2013

Taubengedicht / Ode to the Doves

GermanTaubengedicht: Gedicht

Ein Tag so schön wie heute.

Heute seid ihr Mann und Frau.

Ein Paar, was sich nicht scheute,

es war Zeit, dass man Euch traut.


Miteinander, Füreinander

und das in Ewigkeit

Das ist heut zu feiern,

welch schöne Zeit.


Nehmt hin von dem Gefieder

den Taubenflug und Gruß

im Leben zu bestehen

ein Wollen und ein Muss.


Die Tauben so geduldig warten

Sie warten auf den Start

Sie wünschen Euch viel Glück

Auf eurem Lebensfahrt.


Alles Gute für den gemeinsamen Lebensweg.

EnglishOde to the Doves: Poem

Was there ever a day when heaven felt so near?

Joining hands today as man and wife

Two souls for whom love never held out fear

Exchanging vows and starting married life.


A life to share, to take care of each other

Until the sun should fade from out the sky

We join you here to celebrate forever

Today, the day when your love soars so high!


Take heart from the doves, and don’t let go the thrill

Let this day remain the wind beneath your wings

It takes desire from both, and also will

To steer through life, and keep to your heading.


These doves wait patiently their chance to fly

To wish you always love and life and pleasure

To lead your spirits high into the sky

And bid you fair winds for your life together.


Best wishes as you embark on the journey of married life.

Project: Burning heart, Project: Short Screenplay, Co-Writing wit Alexa O. Schulz // Area: Phantasy Short Film, Date: 2000

Burning heart / Burning heart

Screenplay: Burning Heart

EXT. LAND OF DREAMS — marketplace — day

A busy place. Dream traders shout their wares.

Between the traders, ASIAN people sell food from open-fire street-kitchens.  A CHINESE WOMAN plucks at the empty air, hurls nothing into a wok.  Steam and tongues of flame fly up.

A BLINDFOLDED MAN wearing enormous gloves eats rice from a bowl with chopsticks. The Chinese Woman takes a handful of rice from the blindman’s plate.


Would you like to taste?

Two slick men hold their jackets closed. One smiles slyly, glances around, then opens his jacket a crack, revealing enticing dreams. The other sidles close to Aurelia.


You need something special? I’m your man. Nightmares, only the best, know what I mean? Knock your socks off. Falling dreams! Wake before you hit. Hey, guaranteed!

An anaemic NOSFERATU VENDOR slides up, wraps her arm in his.


Little girl’s night terrors…come with me.

Aurelia pushes away from him.  He hisses after her.  A ROMANIAN VENDOR sings brightly in Romanian.  A RELIGIOUS VENDOR talks loud to be heard over the singing.


You lady! You sir! Dreams to save, dreams to enslave. Free samples, try before you buy. Young lady! Yes, you, you’re in the right place. Don’t walk by. Young lady!

Whispering catches Aurelia’s attention. At the Religious Vendor’s table are baskets of dreamlights of different colors. Aurelia bends to the baskets, and the dreams speak to her, words overlapping as she moves from basket to basket.

DREAMVOICE 1 (preacher)

Dream me.

DREAMVOICE 2 (derisive)

Dream him.


I’m good for the soul.


He’s worse than drugs.

At the second basket:


Slide under the covers with me.


Or us.




All you can handle.


All night.


Dreams to make you jingle.  Dreams to make you jangle.
Dreams to save you.  Dreams of love.

Near the baskets stands a SENSUAL WOMAN, tall and lithe, topless, with hands painted across her torso, neck and shoulders.  She looks directly at Aurelia.


Love is an echo. Or haven’t you heard.

A BLIND WOMAN steps close to Aurelia, blocking the sensual woman from her view.


Exchanges!  New for old!  Love for hate! No dreams refused!

Aurelia backs up as a CROWD closes in on the blind woman, trading frantically.  Behind Aurelia, two chinese men stand in a snowstorm, shivering.

Aurelia pushes through the crowd toward the center.  There is a blinding golden light, and the crowd disperses.  The blind woman has disappeared.

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